Friday, December 29, 2017

Frostgrave RPG Campaign: The Summoners' Tale - Chapter II: Like a Bad Penny

On its way to the River Maragille, the party crosses through what had once been a densely settled region of the city.

The newcomers to the party are surprised when An'var summons an animal companion, a large brown bear that he calls "Greg" to join them.

Ril soon realizes that they are being followed

A band of Gudlub tribesmen lead by an Elementalist shaman are seeking vengence. Realizing they have been spotted by the party, two barbarian archers open fire while several of their companions charge the party. 

Ril holds off the attackers while Bozydar forms a firing line with the rest of warriors.  The barbarian archers are eliminated. Fierce hand-to-hand fighting ensues.

An'var causes Greg the Bear to be possessed by a demon and the now-horrific creature charges to the attack.

 This gives Dame Roswith the chance to attack from the flank, killing the shaman with one ferocious blow.

The shaman's death comes at an opportune time since he had just summoned a demon behind An'var which, however, is quickly dispatched.

The sole surviving barbarian is taken captive.  An'var frees him in order for the tribesman to take an offer of peace to his chieftain.  Given that this is the third Gudlub band that has been bested by An'var, the captive is happy to take the offer back to his tribe.

The party soon arrives at the shore of the frozen river.

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