Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Some Late Romans and Barbarians

This was just a quick set of shots of the Late Roman army I just finished painting as well as a sort of generic barbarian/Goth army to serve as their opponents.  The Late Romans are Foundry, Gripping Beast Plastics, and Footsore miniatures while the barbarians are a mix of Gripping Beast Plastic, Footsore, Old Glory, and GW Plastic Riders of Rohan.  

The mat is a new Cigar Box "Fields of Battle" with the "plush" option to give an impression of high grass.
 Roman heavy cavalry
Roman light cavalry

Roman Infantry

Roman heavy infantry 

 The barbarian infantry with slingers

 Barbarian heavy cavalry
 The opposing battlelines
 Sarmatian allies, light and heavy
 More Barbarian heavy cavalry
 Barbarian light cavalry
The battlefield.  I got my finger in the way of this one but the picture gives a good impression of the color variations in this mat.