Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Terror on the Moscow Road - Forces of Darkness

Here's some pictures of the tormentors of the Grande Armee for my Retreat from Moscow horror game. The more conventional pursuers will be Cossacks. Most of these figures are either Foundry or Old Glory. I know these are designed for the 17th-18th century period but, as I had a lot of these already, I figured I could consider them some of the more irregular bands of Cossacks rather than the uniformed ones.

A fearsome leadership

A Sled gun. The gun is an old Flagship naval gun and the carriage is scratch-built out of wood and cardboard. The crew are slightly coverted 17th century Polish artillerymen from Old Glory.

Perry Opolchenie Cavalry, to represent more regular forces. I got them mostly for the impressive hats.

Children of the Night - Wampyri

Erszbet Batory, the Blood Countess

Wolves - the werewolves are West Wind, the dire wolves are Blue Moon and the ordinary wolves are some very old ones, Ral Partha maybe?

Vive L'Empereur?


abdul666 said...

*So* promising!

Furt said...

Great!! Awesome idea. What rules do you use or intend to use?


bogdanwaz said...

I'll be using a set of pulp rules, Howard Whitehouse's Astounding Tales with a "large battle" supplement I wrote for them called All God's Children Got Guns.