Monday, April 30, 2012

Pike & Shot & Zombies

My regular gaming group just finished a short campaign of Pike and Shot and Zombies. It was our first time with the system and we found it to be fun and fast playing. The challenge of only having muzzle-loaders and melee weapons was a change from the regular zombie genre.

The characters were a couple of English mercenaries, Danny Smallbeers and Jack Shrapnell, who left service in the Swedish Army to follow a career as "petermen," men licensed to seek out salt peter for gunpowder. Unfortunately, they chose to start their career in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

A Bad Place for a Breakdown

Those are not cows in that barn

Danny, we're leaving!

Help is on the way?
The family Frufroque, a scruffy band of Walloon camp followers

Running to catch a ferry

At least we're safe

The heroic Captain Torkilsen

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