Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Silver Bayonet Game: Solo Campaign 2 - The Ruined Chapel

 This is a report of my second solo game of Silver Bayonet, using my unit of Polish “deserters” in Haiti.  Led by Captain Milna, the unit includes veteran hunter Sergeant Soroka, occultist Sulavi, native scout Bien Aimee, and infantrymen Dobusz, Szymanski, and Kowalczyk.  (Szymanski had been reduced to 0 health in scenario 1, his fate roll at the end of that game resulted in a “Slow recovery” meaning that he starts the game at -3 health.)

As in the previous game, the vegetation is from a variety of makers, including cheap floral display materials, and aquarium decorations.  The Styrofoam mountains are scratch-built as are the very large trees that are built on top of an old Star Wars toy.  The ruins of the chapel are from Games Workshop Lord of the Rings line.  The tombstones are from a variety of makers, including Lemax Halloween decorations.  The revenants are Mantic ghouls, the female vampire is from Reaper and the Nosferatu is, old figure, possibly Ral Partha? Our heroes are Trent Miniatures. (I should note that the book calls for there to be only 6 tombstones as spawn points for the revenants.  This didn’t look quite right so I used a lot more tombstones and used the dead trees to mark the spawn points.)

In the first scenario, Capt. Milna and his troop discovered that a French specialist unit that had been wiped out by supernatural forces had been seeking a ruined chapel, built by the original Spanish settlers of the island, that contained a number of relics that would be useful in the fight against the forces of evil.  Milna recovered this unit’s orders and led his troops and their Haitian allies to retrieve the relics themselves.  As they approach the chapel, they see it is swarming with undead revenants. Following on the success they had against the Dark Hounds in scenario 1, the Poles decide to use part of the unit as a fire base to bring down their foes clearing the way for the rest of the party to investigate the four clues in the ruined chapel.   Privates Dobusz, Szamanski, and Kowalczyk fire on one of the revenants lurking in the graveyard, inflicting only a minor wound on the creature. 

As the undead begin to move toward the Poles, Sergeant Soroka uncharacteristically fails to hit his target. 

Milna rushes forward and destroys the revenant wounded by Private Kowalczyk’s shot.

Sulavi and Bien Aimee run towards the chapel, hoping to gather up the relics before the undead can overwhelm them.

On the far end of the graveyard, a dark figures veritably slithers toward them, a vampire!


Milna dispatches the revenant that Soroka had missed earlier.

Sulavi and Bien Aimee clamber over one of the ruined chapel walls.

More revenants begin pushing into the chapel from the far graveyard.


Another revenant and the vampire also approach through the overgrown yard.

The three privates blast away at another revenant but miss.

Soroka downs another of the revenants at the far end of the chapel while Sulavi and Bien Aimee leapt down and rush toward the first two clues. They uncover a silver knife and a bag of silver shot. 

The three privates charge the revenant and strike it down with their bayonets.

Milna moves forward to protect Sulavi as more revenants and the vampire approach.  Soroka takes careful aim and fires a silver bullet into the vampire’s chest, wounding it severely.


As Sulavi rushes to the next clue, finding a jewel-encrusted silver cross, two revenants fall upon Milna.


The vampire and another revenant attack Bien Aimee. 

Wounded by the vampire’s attack but still standing, the big Haitian leaps back but is stunned by attack from the fearsome creature of the night.  (Stunned means that he will be at a -1 on all rolls until the end of his next activation.

Meanwhile, one of the revenant has sunk its teeth into Milna’s shoulder but he strikes it down with his sword.  

The remaining revenant slashes at Milna who drops to the ground! (Milna has been brought to 0 health, at the end of the game, he will have to roll on the Injury and Death Table to determine his fate.)


The three privates rush to protect their fallen Captain’s body, destroying the revenant that had brought him down.

As the severely wounded Bien Aimee calls for them to fall back, Soroka dispatches another revenant that has clawed its way out of a grave.

Sulavi fends off another revenant and then backs out of the chapel.

As Dobusz and Szymanski drag the lifeless body of Milna away, the vampire rushes toward Kowalczyk. Soroka fires another silver bullet into the horror, ending her unnatural life.

As the vampire falls, she screeches out a horrific cry.  It is answered by her consort who emerges from the jungle seeking vengeance.

Seeing this new horror, Soroka orders the party to retreat.  The vampire charges toward them but the unit had a good head start and manages to evade it, reaching the safety of the jungle.


At the end of the game, I rolled for Milna’s fate.  It proved to be merely a flesh wound.  Milna will recovery to lead his unit in the next game…



pancerni said...

Lucky Milna! Great set of reports, locally just got the rules, reading up and painting the parties.

Rick, the Grumpy Gnome said...

Another brilliant report on what sounds like was a great game! Loving it mate!