Monday, July 2, 2018

Review of Impudent Mortal Tudor Inn

I am planning on running the Dead Man in Deptford game at Historicon this week.  One of the issues we had when we ran the game at Cold Wars was that we used the Sarissa Tudor Inn as one of the objective points.  This resulted in a lot of figures in a fairly cramped space.  To rectify the problem, I broke down and bought the very substantial Tudor Inn produced by Impudent Mortal, found here:

Although a bit on the pricey side, for its $100 price tag, get a lot of terrain for your money.  It is 19 inches long by 11" wide and 11" tall, very easy and quick to construct and very robust.  In layout, it is the iconic fantasy tavern with multiple floors, including fireplaces on each floor, a balcony-like second floor, and customizable room spaces on the third floor. It includes extra walling and a number of variously sized tables.  The whole thing is textured so that you don't really need to paint it.  Two large roof panels give access to the interior and the top floor is removable.  All fit snugly.

My only criticism is that the 2nd floor is not removable and somewhat obstructs the front door.  I decided to clip the pegs holding that floor in place and add support beams in the corners, making it easy to remove as needed.

I did paint it to fit in with the look of my other Elizabethan buildings.  Here it is on the Cigar Box Mats medieval city mat.

With some 28mm figures to give an idea of scale

Here's the top floor with one of the roof panels removed. 

More of the top floor.  As I mentioned interior walls can be configured in several different ways

Descending, here's the second floor, a balcony overlooking the main floor.

 The ground floor, with one of the extra walls added to form a kitchen.  Note the support beams I added in the corners.  This was the one modification I made to allow the second floor to be removed and it was a very easy mod to make.  The grey-topped tables are the ones that come with the kit.

 Here it is on the full table, dominating the Sarissa tavern (which is a lovely kit as well) on the left.

I can see this being used as the center piece for a host of games, bar fights, raids, duels, etc., as it is usable in fantasy as well as historical games from the medieval period up through at least the 19th century at least.  I felt it was well worth its price.

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