Monday, September 12, 2016

The Twelve Chairs - Treasure-hunting during the Polish-Soviet War

 Another game that I'll be running at the Fall In Convention, the theme of which is Polish military history, will be The Twelve Chairs - Treasure-hunting in the Polish Soviet War.  This was inspired by the old Mel Brooks movie of the same name.  While the movie is set in 1927, I decided to bring the story back in time.  Thus, in the middle of the 1919-1920 battles between the new Polish Republic and the Red Army for the Eastern Borderlands, word that the fabulous jewels of the Vorobyaninov family may be hidden in some dining room furniture on their old estate in Ukraine.  A race is on between Poles, Reds, Whites, Ukrainians, and other adventurers to find this treasure.  Basically, each player will control a portion of one of these forces that will include different troop types and vehicles plus some "treasure-hunter" characters who will have certain abilities to search for the treasure.  Here's some pictures.  The table for this convention will be double for the convention, the two Cigar Box Mats European mats joined together as a base.  Most of the figures are Copplestone, Brigade, Old Glory, and Siberia Studios.

The Red Army on the March

Polish Regulars

Ukrainian troops

Some of the Polish "Wehrmacht" troops originally raised by the Germans for their puppet Kingdom of Poland

A plane from the Kosciuszko Escadrille

Cavalry Clash

Polish Taczanka

Polish mechanized column

Soviet armored train

Polish Blue Army troops, originally raised in France

Some very lost Englishmen

Polish Command

Soviet Command

White Russian tank


Don M said...

A truly splendid looking game, very well done!

Thomas Foolery said...

That looks like spectacular fun!

Preacher by day said...

That looks like a whole lot of fun! What rules are you using?

bogdanwaz said...

Thanks! I'll be using a modification of the Astounding Tales! pulp rules, available from Pulp Action Library,

Unknown said...

Your plane could be flown by Merian C Cooper, future producer/director of King Kong who in reality was actually shot down flying for the Kosciusko sqdn. He was captured by the Bolsheviks and escaped to Persia.

bogdanwaz said...

Regarding Merian Cooper, that's exactly the plan! He'll be looking for money to fund the big monkey movie.

Daniel Wang said...
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