Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Roman War Machines: Odds and Ends

This is a few odds and ends for my weird science Roman game. First is an ancient flame-thrower, loosely based on the one that was described by Thucydides as having been used at the Siege of Delium.

I’ve added a sort of crystal device as the starter.

Next is an electro-gun.

This is powered by a much bigger version of the famous Bagdad Battery

Next is a steam-powered Trojan Horse. One of the ideas for the game is that the high technology was used heavily in the theater and arena and was pressed into service to the defend the city. This was taken from an over-produced and over-propped production of The Trojan Women…


It's armed with devices for spraying Greek Fire

…and carries a force of Amazon phalangites from the same theatrical productions.

The next are the wonderful Aventine carroballista troops - no modifications necessary. I've just started getting some of the Aventine figures, they are absolutely magnificent.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great game at Historicon! I had a great time. Hope to be able to play at Cold Wars.


Matt Leahy said...

Great ideas!!!