Thursday, January 3, 2013

2300AD: Star Marines - Episode 2

When we last left off, 3rd platoon had fended off a massive Kafer attack rather handily. This was not without casualties, including Jutta and the Noob. Barely had the dust settled when Ms. White, an agent of the Uranus Corporation (Motto: “Things come out differently at Uranus” - see The Grove Tube.) showed up along with her female mercenary bodyguard, Sanchez (a PC).

All Sanchez knew was that they were there to recover some corporate property at a place called Site Beta, about 800 klicks from the drop zone.

Then her boss, Ms. White begins examining the dead Kafers and the wounded Marines. Any that showed traces of Kafer DNA, those who had been wounded in hand-to-hand combat, were taken up in the Uranus vehicle with the intention they be sent to a corporate lab for further examination. This action was met with pretty tough resistance from the remainder of 3rd platoon and only the guarantee of immediate medical care permitted Ms. White to take custody of the characters.

In the meantime, 3rd platoon, along with its parent company, were relieved from the perimeter and placed in reserve at the Brigade HQ which was located at an old mining facility that was at the center of the Drop Zone. After a brief congratulatory interview with the Brigade Commander, General Cloche, Lt Boomer went to see his wounded personnel. Realizing the Uranus compound would be under tight security, he took along most of 3rd platoon with him.

Before he could arrive, the Noob and Jutta began waking from the sedation they received during their removal from the battlefield. They awoke to find themselves in hospital tent. The Noob overheard some of the doctors discussing the DNA find in his blood and ordered both patients restrained out of concern that they might somehow be affected by their contamination with the new Kafer DNA.

That was when they brought the two Kafers in.

At first, the two aliens appeared dead. Then one began moving, unbeknownst to the medical staff. Unable to move, the Noob watched with horror as the Kafer Eviscerator broke free from its restraints and approached a doctor from behind. As it began slaughtering the staff, the Noob and Jutta let out cries of terror. SGT Korand, who had been outside the hospital tent, broke in and blasted the creature with his plasma rifle.

Lt Boomer and the platoon arrived at this point and demanded the wounded be returned. A firefight was about to break out with Uranus Security when the General arrived. He had a protracted argument with Ms. White.

Ms. White insisted that orders National Command gave her the right to take custody of any patient she wanted and also required the General to provide troops to support her efforts to reach and secure Site Beta.

The General was forced to give in. However due to the needs of his primary mission of destroying the main Kafer facilities on planet, he informed White that the only help he could provide were the personnel she already had commandeered. The General, not trusting White, assigned Boomer and 1st squad, to which the Noob and Korand belonged, to be her escort to Site Beta, a long drive away.

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