Thursday, January 4, 2018

Frostgrave RPG Campaign: The Summoners' Tale - Chapter IV: Leviathan

As the tentacles writhe about the ship, the surviving gnolls flee. Most of the party still on their feet board the Dracolith where they try to fend off the pink horrors.  The tentacles take hold of the ship and attempt to drag it down through the cracking ice.  Dame Roswith leaps onto one of the slimy appendages and slips it open with her long sword, the damaged tentacle draws back under the ice.

Bozydar dispatches the last cultist onboard and rushes to the other side of the ship to attack another of the tentacles.  However, he is struck down by it. The two rangers rush to his rescue, driving off the tentacle with their arrows.

An'var's summoned demon wanders around pointlessly, arriving at the point of each tentacle after it had been beaten back.

Atlantia's bone darts are quite effective at damaging the remaining tentacles.  Finally, the Leviathan is driven off.  The party gathers up their wounded and what treasures they can grab and head back to shore.  

A captured gnoll tells Redmaine that his apprentice has been sold to the cultists.  The gnoll does not know why but only that the cultists serve the Lich Lord, an ancient and powerful death wizard who has returned from frozen imprisonment.  In a rage, Redmaine kills the gnoll before it can be questioned further.

Realizing that Redmaine's extravagant tale of magical devices were lies to obtain their aid in finding his apprentice, the party calmly expresses their displeasure at this misinformation and urges Redmaine to be more forthcoming in the future.

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