Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Roman Warband for Frostgrave

We've been fans of Frostgrave since it came out.  One thing I like is the themed warbands.   The advent of the Forge Hero site where you can design your own miniature game me the ability to create a Roman themed one. This is an Elementalist warband.  It's got some experience so is not a starter force.
 Here is the wizard himself, Maxentius Victor.  The Hero Forge figures are expensive but they paint up nicely.

 His apprentice, Flavia Placida, also from Hero Forge

A thief and a thug, Silvester and Clement.  Both are Foundry Late Romans.  I used primarily Late Roman figures since they tend to be dressed more for colder climates

 Two archers, Gireon and Isidorus, from the Gripping Beast plastic Late Roman set

Two infantrymen, Quirinius and Constantius, and a man at arms, Sebastianus.  The three are from A&A Miniatures 3rd century Roman line

A treasure hunter, Ursinus, also from A&A