Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Warbases Roman Buildings

I just got a couple of the new laser-cut Roman buildings from Warbases.  Very nice and easy to put together.  The first is a temple.  Its not the classic pillared style of temple but of the style more commonly found in the provinces such as Britain.

The building's footprint is about 7 inches square and it's about 6 inches high so an impressive public building without taking a lot of table space.

The roof is designed to lift off for access to the interior.  I painted the inside walls read and glued on some Roman murals I printed from the internet.  The outer walls were painted with white craft painted with a little sand added for texture.  This was the same technique I used for the other building, a small rustic villa, again of a type found in Britain:

One of the nice features about the villa is that it is completely modular.  I bought the complete "Hurlingstone villa" kit together with the front gate piece that is sold seperately.  The footprint of the whole building is about 11 inches by 7 inches. Warbases also sells larger towers and side store-rooms if you want a bigger villa

I completed both buildings in about a day and a half with most of that time being taken up by painting.  Actually construction is very quick and easy.