Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Frostgrave RPG Campaign: The Summoners' Tale - Chapter III: The Battle on the River

The Illusionist Redmaine lead the party to the great treasure galleon Dracolithe, telling them that the ship contains wondrous magical devices that will enable them to travel across the different planes of existence.

The party cautiously approaches the vessel over the slick ice.
Garamond the treasure hunter climbs the ancient crane to retrieve what appears to be treasure at its top.  Although he gains it, the arm of the machine crashes down and lands him on the ice.  A drumming sound begins to echo from the tunnel at the base of the tower.

This alerts the cultists and their mage who begin sniping at the party.

Redmaine and Ril attempt to move around the flanks to board the ship from the opposite side.  Ril has problems navigating the ice.

Redmaine succeeds in boarding the ship but is confronted by several cultists

As the party fights against the cultists, two bands of gnolls charge into the battle against the intruders.

While attempting to board the ship, Garamond falls under the blade of a leaping cultist.

Ril retreats to the ruin of a long boat but is ferociously attacked and over comer by the gnolls.

Before An'varr can cast a possession spell on Greg the Bear to give it demonic, the poor creature is struck down.

Arrows from Bozydar and the rangers together with bone darts from Atlantia soon even the score with the cultists

Meanwhile, Redmaine has been using teleport to keep ahead of the cultists.

An'var's leap spell on the cultist mage results in an unpleasant experience for the cultist who is flung over the side of ship, taking him.

Redmaine's zombie and Sir Emerick's crossbow hold off one band of gnolls until the zombie is taken down.

Just as the party begins to get the upper hand, on the cultists and gnolls, they feel a tremendous trembling in the ice.  Suddenly, four great tentacles thrust up through the ice and begin to encircle the ship.

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