Monday, April 30, 2012

Pike & Shot & Zombies II

We based most of the campaign on the Plague City supplement to the game. Our heroes had to sneak into a zombie-infested city to get to a bishops abandoned palace to find a holy book that might give some clue as to the cause of the plague. They also had to save the daughter of the head of a band of local survivors who was trapped while scavenging in the city. In the process they learned a great deal about the undead.

The City of the Dead

The City Square

The undead have a singular incapacity of crossing low obstacles, like strung rope.

As the undead lack a need for breathing, the moat is a most efficacious hiding place.

Who would have imagined that a grave yard would be frequented by the undead?

One should not engage the undead unless a means of egress is readily available

Oft times, other survivors present a greater danger than the undead.

A well furnished room is a definite asset when forestalling the undead

A good back-stab is the height of gallantry when encountering the undead

One must not be overly sentimental about luggage when attempting to flee the undead.

An unceremonious exit is the height of good manners when leaving the abode of the undead.


abdul666 said...

Excellent - I'm sure it could be played as 'Lacepulp' with 18th C. minis (there is an AWI variant, but I'm almost sure the original 'P&S&Z' can be used, straight or with very minor modifications for some types of firearms.
Dream to see 'Pride & Prejudice & Zombies' gamed in the time of Barry Lyndon...

Stuart S said...

Fantastic AAR, my games so far have been rural, your terrain takes it to a whole new level..



Legion said...


Who makes the backstabber?



bogdanwaz said...

Legion: I've had the backstabber figure for years and don't recall who made it. It might have been an old Grenadier or Ral Partha figure.

Stuart S: Great looking game!

Legion said...

As luck would have it, I just stumbled across him on RAFM's site.

Backstabber found under Fantasy Miniatures>Player Characters>Male Thief