Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Inside at the Opera House

I've finished the Opera House for our Historicon Game, My Fair Demon Barber of the Opera - A Musical Gothic Horror Wargame.

The building is designed to have the roof and second level lift off.  Here's some pictures of the ground level showing the main seating area.  The chairs are a set of MDF "tavern chairs" from TTCombat  That I glued together to make rows.

This is the stage area.  I had originally thought about having dressing rooms, etc backstage but decided that would interfere too much with playing area and so just made it cluttered.  Also I made the scenery flat a bit smaller than it should be, again for playablity.

Here's a picture of the second level separated from the base.  I've allowed enough table space that this can be set up adjacent to the main playing area so characters can operate on the different levels at the same time.  The floor is simply a piece of foamcore cut to shape and painted.

Here's some close-ups of the second level boxes and the balcony.

Finally, here's a shot of Mrs. Lovett's Meat Pie Stand.  If you are familiar with Sweeney Todd, the ingredients of the pies are somewhat less than appetizing.


Gordon Richards said...


Phil Gardocki said...

Beyond Superb! One of my favorite D&D scenarios takes place in an Opera House.

Captain Darling said...

Excellent bit of workmanship, champion effort!
I hope your game goes well...