Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Frostgrave: The Mausoleum + The Eclipse

I've jumped on the Frostgrave bandwagon and my weekly gaming group has run three games so far. We've enjoyed it quite a bit, very simple mechanics but with a lot of variety of action.  We usually play with three or more Wizard bands and that creates a very different dynamic than just going head-to-head.  The first game we played was a test run of The Worm scenario and the second was the Living Museum.  Sadly, I didn't take pictures.  
For our third outing,  I set up a combined scenario of The Mausoleum combined with The Eclipse from my recently received Thaw of the Lich Lord book.  I GM'ed what I thought would be a cooperative adventures with the three bands working together against an increased horde of zombies and other creatures.  In the end, that proved not to be the case....
I haven't made any dedicated Frostgrave terrain.  The table above is made up mostly of the boards from my Retreat from Moscow games with various ruins that I had placed on them.

Here's what served as the Mausoleum

The Illusionist and Apprentice with two archers, a treasure hunter, a thief, and two thugs.

The Elementalist and Apprentice with infantryman, crossbowman, barbarian, two thieves and three thugs

Finally, the Chronomancer, Apprentice, ranger, barbarian, two musketeers (treated as crossbowmen), two thieves and a thug plus the fearsome killer Basset warhound.  My son Nick and I created the Chronomancer et al on our first game and we decided on a sort of steampunk/time traveller vibe for it.  A further use of my retreat from Moscow figures.

The game itself progress rather smoothly with the three bands entering from the same table edge and moving toward the Mausoleum as increasing numbers of the undead were roused. The bands were able to handle without too much trouble.  The Illusionist, who had the raise zombie spell, brought on a slow-speed zombie vs. zombie fight that went on for several turns with no appreciable damage to either creature. 
Shall we dance?

 The illusionist had some difficulties dispatching the zombies attacking his band.  Although he suffered no losses, it slowed his band considerably.  Towards the end of the game, most of his band was halted on the bridge over a frozen stream.  

The temptation proved too great for Nick's Chronomancer  who Crumbled the bridge in the icy waters below.

The Elementalist's barbarian and a thug were killed.

The Chronomancer receive a fire ball in revenge.

 Pays are a bitch - a tower is crumbled onto the Elementalist

The survivors

The table at the end of the game.