Friday, August 28, 2015

Ah, Venice

I am planning on running a Solomon Kane game for Fall In.  It'll be using the CROM rules (available from Matakishi's Tea House).  It will consist of three "reels," each on a different terrain board, most of them 2' x 2'.  One will be a rural English Manor House, another will be a ruined city of the ancients in the African jungle, and one will be in Venice.  I've finished the Venice board.

The board is a thick plywood to which I added "streets/sidewalks" made of scrap styrofoam and covered with cobblestone sheeting.  The canal is simply painted and glossed.

 I had picked up several of the Plast Craft Carnevale line, very reasonably priced and relatively easy to put together.  I painted them with various craft paints mixed with sand.  The larger building on the lower right is a modified foam board kit from Gamecraft Miniatures - it's from their Middle-eastern line and I add the roof, balconies, and steps.  The gondola is a modified dollar store canoe.

Here's some additional views of the board:

Here's some action shots:

 Here's Solomon Kane and his companions enjoying some calamari:

The tentacles are made from fingerpuppets I got from Amazon for a about $5 for a pack of 5.  I simply stuffed the fingerholes with newspaper and glued them to washers.


Gordon Richards said...

Inspired and utterly brilliant!

Sgt. Slag said...

Agreed: Brilliant! Thanks for sharing here, and on TMP. Cheers!