Sunday, January 15, 2012

Good Bye to Guns: Pulp WWI Game

To take a break from posting the adventures of Roxy Smothers, I'm posting some "test" shots of the game table for a game I'm running at Cold Wars this year.

It's a pulp World War I game, set where else but Ruritania. Here's the description:

S-192 - Goodbye to Guns or All's Quiet on the Ruritanian Front, 1918

Sat. 12:00 PM, 4 hrs, 12 players
Pulp 28mm, Rules: Astounding Tales/All God's Children Got Guns

Amidst the chaos of the Great War in the Balkans, a brash young
American ambulance driver attempts to rescue his true love, a
downed Ruritanian aviatrix. But standing in his way is not only the
might of the Central Powers but also numerous rivals for this
popular lady's affections. It's a love story -- with poison gas.

I still have some final touches to do on the lake and the roads but otherwise ready to go. The tower is the new GW Skullvane Manse. The ruins are GW also, from the original Mordheim set. The trenches, for the most part, are Miniature World Maker latex pieces and the mountains are modified Lemax Halloween decorations.

The Battlefield

Our Hero, Young Ernest Hummingbird, at the Wheel of the Homing Pigeon Truck

The Red Baron's Aerodrome

The Ruined Graustarkian Town of Glottelstaap, the Central Power's Main Position

The Nefarious Dr. Krueger's Tower

Batstaffel Leaving the Tower

Turkish Reserves on Mt. Gummo

The Austrian Position on Mt. Zeppo Barraged

G8's Battle Aces Back the Attack

American and Ruritanian Troops Advance

Arditi Avanti! The Italian Army on the Attack

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